Happy Trails to you, until we meet again

NEER North makes a concerted effort to never lose track of one of its herd. Once a NEER North equine, always a NEER North equine. As part of the contract with NEER North, anyone adopting must agree to return the animal to NEER North in the event they can no longer keep the animal.

Recently, we went on a road trip to visit a few old friends and see how life was treating them. Turns out …. Life is good.

First stop: Jersey Girl.

Jersey Girl came to NEER North in October 2010. She was headed for a kill pen. Jersey was malnourished and depressed.

 Jersey before arriving at NEER North

Jersey before arriving at NEER North

Jersey was first adopted by Tess, 12 at the time, and madly in love with this pony. She was the first to bring her back. Loved her, rode her, taught her tricks.


 Tess and Jersey

Tess and Jersey

When Tess outgrew Jersey, it was a very sad day for both. Jersey returned to NEER North, but only for a very short time. She was adopted in November of 2011 by Dominique. Tess helped with the transition, allowing Dominique to work with Jersey and get to know her before letting go.

At our visit today, it was very evident that Dominique and Jersey are a match made in heaven. They ride 5 days a week, all year round. Jersey has matured and is a calmer horse these days, not bossy or impatient. She rides out of her barn, crosses streets and streams.


This pairing has a strong bond and Jersey knows Dominique is the boss, not to say she doesn’t need a reminder from time to time.  They are two peas in a pod.  Dominique is grateful for all the work that NEER North and especially Tessa have done with Jersey.


Quote from Jersey: “Love it here and Dominique is the best, but I sure could eat more of that green stuff without this grazing muzzle on!”


Stay tuned for our visits with Bogie and Bucky!