Local Horses Needing Homes

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Lacey is a 14 year old registered paint, sorrel overo.  She was used as lesson horse barn at another barn, and was a very good jumper.  Used English mostly, but I used westerntack on her as my abilities decreased.

About 15.1 hands, healthy, good feet, up to date with vet, Coggins, and shoes.  Only front shoes.  Would be best suited for intermediate rider as she is marish and very smart.

Contact: goderide@gmail.com


Peaches is a 20+ Appy cross looking for her forever home. Companion and/or light riding home would be the ideal situation. She stands about 15.1 and is pretty stocky.   She is the sweetest girl, will stand to be groomed all day, LOVES attention, and will give kisses for peppermints! I would love to see her go to a home where she will have a pasture buddy. She goes out with 4 other horses now, but is the lowest on the totem pole and doesn't mind. She has formed a bond with our 3 yr old gelding that we have which is why I would like for her to have a friend. We believe we have found a home for him and he will be leaving next week. We are worried that she might get a little depressed once her best buddy is gone. She is good for the vet and farrier and is currently barefoot. She is very low maintenance and a PEACH to have around! 

Contact me for more information (Bonni) at blinteri77@hotmail.com. Peaches is located in Candia NH.

Listed 11/14/2016


Remmy is a 11 year old, registered quarter horse (I have his papers), 15.1hh, gelding, excellent trail horse and will cooperate in the ring. However, loves to be out on the trails, does best with a buddy but will go out solo. Remmy is a very sweet horse; always looking to please his rider. Was used on a ranch as a trail horse but really loves having his own person and I'm hoping he can find a loving forever home with someone who will spoil him and give him all the time and attention he deserves. He has been off for a little so will need some retraining and time to get back on track. Wears corrective shoes in the front for a bone spur and shallow sole depth but is sound with the shoes. Remmy should go to a home that is flat and grassy and easy on his hooves, loves turnout and gets along well with other horses. Intermediate rider would be best but has been ridden by beginners. 

Located in Clinton Corners, NY. Contract will be signed and references checked. Free to good home.

Contact me for more info/pictures: jackiebee86@yahoo.com

Listed 8/14/2016


Mare, 29, 15.2h, located in Mattapoisett MA.  Not rideable, companion only. Current with Coggins/shots.

Has Cushings, arthritis, possible loss of peripheral vision. No vices.

CONTACT BETH: 904-518-2296.

Listed 7/15/2016


Conrad is a 17H, 19 yr old chestnut thoroughbred gelding. He has been there and done that in the hunter jumper world. He worked very hard as a school horse as well and was a star in the IEA world. He wants to retire now and have a companion as he deserves. He sweet boy in the ground and has been with us since he was 3 years old. A GREAT home is an absolute must and we will keep an eye on him. He loves turnout with friends and be groomed all day. He is just looking to be loved. Located in Boxford, MA at Spring Tide Farm. Free to great home. Contact Kathy for more info. Email kbarylo@gmail.com


Keyzar is looking for her forever home. 24 years old, 15 hands. Feet utd, sound, has not had her shots this year though. Needs a GELDING buddy only. She is rideable by even a confident beginner. Very well trained, though she hasn't been ridden in about a year consitently so she will need some refreshing. She can be ridden bareback with a halter and reins. Neck reins, goes English or western. she has a ton of spunk, you wouldn't guess she is 24. Must have a run in shelter. Hates being locked in will crib. Respects fencing. Easy keeper. She is bossy so a laid back gelding would be best. I have decided to go back to school and just don't have the time she deserves. Asking $400 obro If you want more info just ask. Email:francesca.simard@yahoo.com 


Sunshine is a 25 year old 16Hand bay Gelding. He was a Event and Dressage horse before I owned him. He is the sweetest guy. Can do just about anything too him. Would prefer he go to a companion home but with a little work might be able to be lightly ridden. I have never ridden him myself. I've had several health problems that have kept me from doing so. He has Lyme and needs some work on his feet has a couple abscess. That with the proper farrier work will go away. I can no longer afford to care and feed him. He is up to date on everything and free to a wonderful home. Needs to be placed as soon as possible. Located in Pittsfield NH. My email is cooplukcom@aol.com. Please email for more info.


Free to a good home. Jilly is a sweet 16 year old paint horse with navicular. With good foot care possibly she could be ridden lightly. 15.3+ hands. Sadly, I saved her years ago and treated her for Lyme disease but now Jilly and I lost our barn and have to move...we are currently located in Sanbornton, NH.

If interested please email me at jdgirl4660@yahoo.com or call 603-455-0466

Listed: 11/5/2015


Grant is a lovely 17 y/o registered paint gelding who is strikingly handsome. I bought him about 8 years ago from an auction that brought horses in from the mid west.  After we got him, we soon realized that he came from an abusive situation, he was extremely head shy, to the point where it would take up to an hour to get just a halter on. We spent years trying gain his trust back in humans, which he has and is a total "in your pocket" type horse now.

Another thing that we discovered as the years have gone on is he can get stiff in his hind end. I think he was worked hard prior to me getting him and is possibly arthritic.  I don't have the extra money to do diagnostics on him, so I don't know the exact cause, but he doesn't get 3 legged lame, just stiff.  I see most of the stiffness in the mornings after being in his stall overnight. He works out of it after being turned out. 

He hasn't had a rider on him for years, mostly due to my schedule. He was quiet under saddle, and well broke western. He's UTD with farrier and vet. He's great with other horses, he's turned out with 2 geldings and a mare. He's a super easy keeper, goes barefoot and does not require much grain to stay fat and happy. 

Unfortunately, current life circumstances are forcing me to have to find him a new home rather quickly.  I want him to be with an experienced horse person that would perhaps want to hop on him for a light hack or trail ride and/or be a companion to other horses. 

Please email naomigendron7@gmail.com or call/text 413.834.4611