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New England Equine Rescue North Launches “Home of Our Own” Campaign to Raise Funds for New Facility

West Newbury, Mass. – January 29, 2013 – New England Equine Rescue North (NEER North), a local, volunteer-run, not-for-profit equine rescue, today announced the start of its “Home of Our Own” campaign, a fundraiser aimed at establishing a permanent home for the rescue. With the help of supporters, the organization hopes to raise more than $300,000 in donations in the coming year.

For more than 10 years, NEER North has rescued dozens of horses from abuse, neglect and slaughter while providing support to owners in crisis. In addition to its work with rescues, NEER North volunteers educate the public on responsible horse ownership and provides help where assistance is needed.

“Our fundraising goal of $300,000 may be lofty, but we continue to see a strong need for assistance with many local horses and owners, and we are determined to continue the growth and success of our rescue,” said Mary Martin, president and founder of NEER North. “Securing our own home is a critical next step in our organization’s evolution and contributing to NEER North’s “Home of Our Own” campaign puts us on the path to accomplish our goal while allowing individuals to show their support and act on their passion for horses.”

NEER North currently leases property in West Newbury, Mass., but seeks to purchase a permanent property in the coming year. At present, NEER North’s limited facilities and pasture space hampers the impact that the organization can have on the equine community. By acquiring its own land, hay fields and barn, NEER North expects to expand its operations, grow hay and shift funds currently allocated towards rent and feed to more directly benefit local horses in crisis. In addition, NEER North plans to expand further into the community by hosting clinics and events at the new facility.

For more information about NEER North and the “Home of Our Own” campaign, or to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit

About NEER North

For more than 10 years, NEER North has been helping horses and owners in crisis, primarily in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. A year ago, the rescue became a volunteer-based 501c3 nonprofit organization and remains dedicated to rescuing horses who are abused, neglected, or at-risk of slaughter. In addition to rescues, NEER North educates the public on responsible horse ownership and networks to help where assistance is needed. For more information about NEER North and the dozens of horses the organization has helped, please visit

A Haven for Horses

Newburyport Daily News Article

December 29, 2012

A haven for horses

WEST NEWBURY — Horses have galloped the Earth for millions of years, but when man domesticated them about 6,000 years ago, a special and enduring bond was formed.

Throughout history, these regal animals have helped to shape human and societal development — pulling our ploughs and stagecoaches, herding our cattle, carrying our hunters across the plains and our soldiers into battle. In recent years, horses have gained popularity as sources of entertainment, sport and companionship.

So for horse-lovers like Mary Martin, owner of New England Equine Rescue-North, caring for horses in their time of need just seems like a natural way to give back to these loyal partners.

“They are such noble creatures — so forgiving and trusting,” she said.

Martin grew up around horses as a girl in Topsfield and has worked in the equine rescue business for 10 years. For the past three years, she has run her NEER-North organization on 58 acres leased on River Road. But Martin is hopeful the new year will bring with it some new digs for her operation.

As president of NEER-North, Martin and her “great and very loyal volunteers” work to locate horses, ponies and donkeys in risk of abuse, neglect or slaughter and rehabilitate them for adoption.

Right now, she has nine horses in her stables and three out on trial for potential adoption. Two miniature horses and one large pony are arriving in early 2013.

NEER-North is a satellite barn of the original NEER organization founded in 2005 by Beth Hill-Ross of Rhode Island. This past year, NEER-North earned an independent, nonprofit tax status, got a nod from the state Department of Agriculture, and received a top rating from the online review site Great Nonprofits.

And if that isn’t enough good news, Martin just learned that a generous horse-lover is providing a substantial donation to help NEER-North find a permanent property to call its own. Martin is eyeing a place locally and has launched a “Home of Our Own” campaign to help raise the $200,000 in additional funds needed to move forward on the deal. She said tax-deductible donations toward the purchase are much appreciated.

Martin also accepts donations to help offset costs for her program that helps horse owners in financial crisis feed and care for their animals. Having a horse is a luxury that can be hard to sustain once tough economic times hit, Martin said. So NEER-North provides short-term help. Because she can’t always take on additional horses, Martin uses donations to give owners food and essentials to sustain their horses, while she works to find the animals a new home. An average-sized horse costs about $200 a month to support, not including veterinary costs.

Because so many people are falling on tough times these days, Martin said the horses she places are relatively young animals in very good condition who typically just need “a little polishing.” So, she and her volunteers spend their days rehabilitating animals with names like Violet, Bogie and Teddie until they can locate a “forever person” to take the animals home and cherish them.

Martin found just such a match in Lee and Ron Delp, who adopted an older donkey named Buckwheat. Despite a stable of horses and ponies to choose from, the Delps decided to take Bucky — as he is called — because he has “bad feet” that would have made him harder to be adopted, said Lee Delp, the lead public safety dispatcher for West Newbury.

The Delps were seeking a companion for their miniature horse, Chief, after their older horse, Chico, died earlier this year. They said Bucky has become a lovable new member of the Delp family, joyfully serenading them at sunrise each morning.

“We love him; everyone that meets him or hears his soprano singing can’t help but love him, too,” said Lee Delp, who has high praise for NEER-North and its commitment to making sure Bucky was properly settled into his new home.

Martin insists that before any adoption is finalized, the potential owner agrees in writing to submit a veterinarian certification and picture of the adopted animal to NEER-North every three years. They must also promise to return the animal to her if they no longer can keep it.

During this season of giving, Martin is particularly hopeful people who value the work she’s doing are willing to contribute what they can to the “Home of Our Own” effort.

“No more rent means more horses helped,” Martin said, “No amount is too small to help make this dream come true.”

Tax-deductible donations to support NEER-North may be sent to 183 River Road, West Newbury 01985 or contact Mary Martin at To see photographs of animals available for adoption at NEER-North, visit

A Home of Our Own

A Home of Our Own - Matching Game

A very generous benefactor wants us to not have to pay rent anymore. She would like to help us get our own place and therefor we are starting "a home of our own" campaign to raise funds. This benefactor will match any donation of $100.00 or more! Her max is $150,000.00 This is a huge step in making our dream come true. If you would like to help, please make a note on your check or paypal that it is for the "Match Game". All funds will go into a special account reserved for "A Home of Our Own".

All donations are tax deductible. Help us continue our mission to help horses and horse owners in need primarily in MA and NH. Remember, charity starts at home! We thank you in advance for your support and wish you a happy, healthy New year ahead!

Make checks payable to NEER North, 183 River Rd, West Newbury, MA 01985 or paypal .

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We can make this dream come true!