Ways to Help - Sponsor

Sponsor a Stall (or anything else!)

It costs NEER North approximately $300 a month to support a single horse. You can help us care for a horse by making a monthly contribution to Sponsor a Stall. Your sponsorship guarantees a stall for a horse in need, complete with shavings, hay, grain and supplements.

No amount is too small! 

Send a check to NEER North. Please note "Sponsor a Stall" on your check.  r set up monthly payment with PayPal.
(Cancel at anytime with the "Unsubscribe" button.

Payment Options

Ways to Help - Foster

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We are always looking for foster homes for our "adoptable" horses, giving us the room to take in needier horses.  Who knows, you may fall in love and decide to adopt! Our horses that have been fostered enjoy building new relationships.