Due to financial difficulties we are looking to place our 7 year old handsome registered Cheval Canadian gelding in a good home as a companion horse. Nakai is pasture sound but not riding sound due to stifle issues. He gets along great with all horses and is a well mannered boy, good for vet and farrier, bathes, self loads on trailer. He is an easy keeper, maintains ideal body weight with 22 pounds hay daily & no grain/no grass, 16.2 hands, slightly drafty Canadian build, (faded) black coloring, in good health, is barefoot. 

Stifle Issues: In the spring of 2008 he developed mysterious stifle lameness as a 4 year old after being gently ridden under saddle for 5 weeks. Multiple diagnostic ultra sound showed soft tissue inflammation of the left medial stifle, pointing to possible mild ligament tear or mild meniscus tear.He underwent a series of 5 shock waves, which did not help. Surgery was recommended to better diagnose the joint and potentially remove any debris within the joint, with a 50% chance of improvement given. We could not afford $2,300 thus the operation was not done. Meanwhile regular physical therapy exercises to strengthen the hind quarter were done for several months with some degree of improvement. Under the direction of a physical therapist Nakai progressed to light rides at the walk mostly, on flat and slightly rolling terrain. However circles and rough terrain caused lameness. 

It is likely that increasing his exercise through large paddock/pasture turnout would greatly help his stifle to become stronger. He would do best in a large turnout with gently rolling terrain. Although if turned out on lush grass he would likely require a grazing muzzle. With patience and a gradual progressive exercise program it 'might' be possible for Nakai to become sound enough for light riding, but there are no guarantees.
The thought of giving Nakai up breaks my heart. He is a wonderful horse and we want what is best for him! Free to an approved home with contract and references. We get him back if ever you do not want him anymore. He is presently located in Pelham, NH.  

Email:  or call  603 864-8330


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