Followup from Happy Adopter

Happy holidays Mary! I hope you and all the NEER animals have a wonderful holiday! I cannot thank you enough for bringing Pete into my life. He is the best pony I've ever had, even with his occasional attitude ☺️. He is the barn favorite and everyone has to snuggle with him when they come out. I cannot wait to spend our first holiday together. I can promise he's being spoiled rotten 😁 I attached a few pictures from our holiday party, and a snowy lesson. Again thank you for everything you do so these wonderful animals can have a second chance.

Rachel and Pete

Happy New Adopter

Hi Mary!

I just wanted to send you a few Pete pictures from the past few weeks. He has been doing so well! We took him on his first off property trail ride and he loaded without a bit of trouble! He is also picking up his feet like a champ every day. Everyone absolutely spoils him rotten and I couldn't imagine having any other pony. We have a hunter pace scheduled for October, I can't wait to see how he does!

Thank you again for getting me this wonderful boy!

Best, Rachel

Email from Horse Owner in Need

Hello NEER North/Mary,

Thank you so much for posting Oscar’s profile on your horses looking for homes page and for forwarding my original email to Kelly.  Oscar seems to have found his forever home with them and his new donkey friend Vinny. 

We really appreciate your assistance in helping us find Oscar a home.  If you could please take his profile down from the page…or move him to your success page if he qualifies for that! 

Thank you so much for helping with Oscar and for everything you do for all the other equines in need.

Isabel Rodriguez

You have truly been my saving grace!

I would like to begin by saying thank you to your wonderful program and staff and all who have donated to make the funds possible. I was 15 years old when my parents bought me a quarter horse to replace my tb who passed away. At 15 years old I never had to worry about my geldings expenses and when i thought of my future with him I only thought of the fun things ahead. Well now I am 28, married with two toddlers. I always considered my family to be successful until I lost my job. Suddenly my world went upside down. Going from two incomes to one was hard. We looked at our,cell phones, car payments, car insurance, food, gas, cable...and then there is the horse. A $600 a month expense for an animal who was permanently lame from an injury in 2011. We moved him to a less expensive barn bringing his expense to about $300 a month and then shoes every six weeks. We still were having to decide which bill to skip and how to juggle the expenses. I knew i had to get rid of my horse who i had had longer then i had my husband! I contacted NEER and asked if they were able to take him, which they were not. But they still offered me help instead of the response other rescues gave of simply saying sorry we are full! They told me about the feed fund which would at least alleviate some of the bill. The process of getting a feed store credit was smooth and quick, with in days I had a credit. I have now had to get assistance a few times and never have been turned away or made to feel like I should be ashamed for asking for help, if anything the woman was so understanding and supportive I actually felt a sense of hope that things would get better. My family was able to catch up in the two months we have had help. I am so fortunate to say I have now found a job and am so grateful to still have my horse. It would never have been possible if it were not for you. I fully plan to donate and offer any help I can to you!! From the bottom of my heart and my horses heart, Thank you.